Arcane Fragments

Dare to be Different

Our designs are hand sculpted by Arcane Fragments.
You will not find the same designs under any other brand.

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Nothing Else like them

Originality is vital to us and we take pride in continuing to achieve it.

Made to Empower

Each one has a story, to be interpreted by the wielders imagination.

Quality & Design

Each design is hand sculpted from clay.
The pendant is then cast in high quality metals and durable resin materials.

The Creature Pendant Gems

Every pendant comes with one of its four assigned genuine gemstones and can optionally be chosen at random.

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Boxed in Style

Quality padded box with a felt touch cover, including a certificate of authenticity, business card and sticker.

Stainless Steel Chains

Bevelled Oval Link Cable Chain in 304 Stainless Steel electrophoresis black.
Easily adjustable to 20" without extension or 24" with extension.

Liquor Dispensers


The Intoxicator Liquor Dispensers have been designed to fit all standard shaped alcohol bottles.

Custom Faucet

Our faucet is made from high-quality parts with a ceramic inner valve and operates with a smooth half turn.

Drink Safe

All cast materials that come into contact with liquor/alcohol are FDA approved and BPA Free.

Hand Sculpted Design

The designs of all our Intoxicator dispenser models are hand-sculpted, then produced with high-quality and durable materials.

Built to last

Made with durability in mind and can easily support heavy liquor bottles.