The Undead Brain Experiment in Bronze – Arcane Fragments
The Undead Brain <br>Experiment in Bronze
The Undead Brain <br>Experiment in Bronze
The Undead Brain <br>Experiment in Bronze
The Undead Brain <br>Experiment in Bronze
The Undead Brain <br>Experiment in Bronze
The Undead Brain <br>Experiment in Bronze
The Undead Brain <br>Experiment in Bronze
The Undead Brain <br>Experiment in Bronze
The Undead Brain <br>Experiment in Bronze
The Undead Brain <br>Experiment in Bronze
The Undead Brain <br>Experiment in Bronze

The Undead Brain
Experiment in Bronze

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Any of these Gemstones can be chosen with this pendant

◢ The Undead Brain Experiment's Story

There were two bioscientist brothers, Cyrus and Arthur.
For decades they had worked on an immortality elixir but when their work neared its completion they uncovered that due to the rarity of the resources needed for the elixir, their employers planned to wipe out hundreds for their rich land of Vileria.
For weeks the brothers refused to comply and ignored intimidation.
Their employers had enough and Arthur was hung in his home with the intent on finally breaking Cyrus into submission.

Cyrus, maddened by rage recovered his brother's corpse and fled into hiding.
He began his final work to bring Arthur back to life.
Years go by and Arthur finally lives once more but all that remained of him was his skull and brain on a muscular creature-like body.

The brothers unleash their rage and madness, getting their revenge on their employers, but truly Arthur was not himself and Cyrus knew that what was once will be no more.

The Undead Brain Experiment in Brass

Dimensions: H: 43mm, W: 24mm, D: 21mm

Weight: 16.6g

◢ The Process

Each design is hand sculpted from clay with high detail and is unique to Arcane Fragments.
The pendant is then cast in high quality brass and durable resin materials.
Finally prepared and polished resulting in a tarnish resistant medium weight pendant.

◢ The Gemstones

Every pendant comes with one of its four assigned gemstones that can be selected from the drop-down menu. The gemstone can optionally be chosen at random by selecting "Surprise me".

All our gemstones are authentic and come from genuine sources.

◢ Chain specifications

Each pendant comes with a chain and a chain extension allowing it to be worn in two different sizes with a simple attachment.

Length: 20" without extension or 24" with extension.
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 2mm width, 0.4mm thickness.
Shape: Beveled Oval Link Cable Chain
Color: Electrophoresis Black or Silver Stainless Steel colors.◢ Included in your box-Pendant with a design unique to Arcane Fragments.
-Stainless Steel Chain and extension.
-Quality padded box with Arcane Fragments branding.
-Certificate of authenticity, business card and sticker.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Antonio W.
Quality and solid build

Good overall look and its got a solid feel to it. Adjustable chain is easy to change and its good to have.

Elmer G.

A great piece. Very well packaged and displayed in its box with some nice printed cards and the chain included was of good quality

Jeff L.

I came across an ad and I had to have it. Happy I decided to go fit it.

Myra B.

Good product and craftsmanship.